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The 7th Day of Christmas: Gift of Bringing In the New


Once you pare down the old, you start to get ideas about what you want in place of what you have just released.

Maybe a good mantra while you’re sorting would be more energy, more energy. . . and if that doesn’t work, then start a list.  If I gave away 4 potato peelers and kept one, but they were all shot, then I might put a new potato peeler on my list.

Several years ago I went through all my duplicates and chose the better one and took the other to Salvation Army. Someone else benefitted from the money or object itself, and I benefitted because I had more space and more time and more energy.

Pay attention to what you want this year.  Do you have a hobby you’d like to expand or a business you’d like to give more time to?  Do you have a talent you’d like to develop?  Maybe you’d like to generate the money to pay for these things . . . have you tried eBay?  yard sales?  or just plain word of mouth sales?

While I’m pushing the 12 days of Christmas a little ahead this year, this 7th day would usually fall on the first day of the New Year. This first day of the New Year is really a thinking day.  Don’t go out and replace what you’ve just purged. Instead, save this special day for making a list of what you want to accomplish this year.  Spend as much time as you want.

You might also write a list of 100 things you want to do in your life. Let me warn you, when you write it down, it tends to happen. So put only the things on this list you really want.  And make it a list that you look at throughout the year.  Try to put on this list things that never have to be dusted, or rearranged, or stored . . .

Another thing I like to do is imagine myself stepping into my power during the coming year. We are all powerful in a good way — able to do all sorts of things and do them well, or able to learn to do amazing things well.

Instead of staying — mediocre — decide this year will be the best year of your life.  Why not? Now don’t freak yourself out with rigid and heavy requirements, but spend a moment every day contemplating what the next step is to be the person you’ve always thought you could be.  All the little steps you take this year will turn this year into something more powerful than you can possibly expect.

Powerful enough to turn you from a duck into a swan.  But not seven swimming swans.  It’s too cold for that. And they’re too big to sit nicely on a shelf . . .

Gift yourself with the Gift of Bringing in the New! Happy New Year!

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