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Salsa Marathon

Yes I know it’s January, so you may be wondering what I’m up to, but if you live in the Southern Hemisphere like a good friend of mine, it’s time to get the tomatoes in if you haven’t yet . . . and if you have a glut, or a preserving share from a CSA then you might be wondering . . .

What to do with 50 pounds of tomatoes?  Have a salsa marathon.

I made a two separate batches of my salsa, using 13 pounds of tomatoes each (technically half a big batch).

Then I differentiated . . . and came up with 7 different salsas and a total of 50 plus pints in quantity.  I have enough romas left over for a Marinara marathon, but that’s for another day . . .

Salsa #1: 1 quart of fresh, not cooked salsa for the fridge. (all the rest are canned)

Salsa #2: 9 pints of simmered — if you need a photo for this, check my salsa post . . .

Salsa #3: 14 cups of raspberry chipotle.  I added 2 cups of raspberry jam. I added some fresh tomatoes too.  You could add fresh raspberries and no jam, but then it wouldn’t have a sweet note . . .

Salsa #4: 12 pints peach salsa.  I diced 8 peaches and added more fresh tomatoes as well as some maple syrup for the sweet note . . . the peaches kind of look like mangoes . . . hey — that’s another idea!

Salsa #5: 9 pints extra limey — just finely chopped whole limes in my food processor and added them.  I like the flavor of the peel and pulp in salsa.


Salsa #6: 13 cups tomato tomatillo.  Finely chop in food processor, but don’t overblend . . .

Salsa #7: 12 cups fine ground.  I like salsa a little chunkier than my kids, so this salsa made a brief trip through the food processor.

First, I don’t recommend Salsa marathon unless you have helpers.  I didn’t and I’m exhausted!  But I had the tomatoes and a large block of time (all day) and I’m glad I did it.

The chart below shows how I altered the basic recipe.

Salsa Marathon yield Alterations to basic recipe
Batch #1 #1: 1 qt fresh
#2: 9 pts recipe
#3: 14 cups raspberry chipotle Use 10 cups recipe, add 2 cups raspberry jam, 1 tsp ground chipotle and 2 pounds fresh diced romas and add ¼ cup fresh lemon juice
#4: 12 pints peach salsa Use 16 cups recipe, add 8 peeled diced peaches,  add ¾ cup fresh lemon juice, 2 pounds diced romas, and ½ cup maple syrup
Batch #2 #5: 9 pints extra limey Use 18 cups recipe plus 5-6 finely chopped fresh limes
#6: 13 cups tomato tomatillo Use 13 cups recipe plus 2 cups fresh finely chopped tomatillo
#7: 12 cups fine ground Use 12 cups recipe, process a little finer


These are our favorites, but of course you can adjust to your own specialities.  I think it’s best to mix up a large batch cold (1 batch fits in a water bath canner).  Then pull out the appropriate quantity and heat to a simmer in a smaller stock pot.  That way, your base isn’t simmered into soup but stays chunky.  And if you’re wondering what to do with all this salsa, try some salsa gazpacho for lunch . . .

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