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Marinara Sauce Marinara Sauce

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All Kinds of Possibilities

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All Kinds of Possibilities All Kinds of Possibilities

The 11th Day of Christmas: Gift of Order


When you see eleven pipers piping do you see them all playing their own song, strolling this way and that?  Or do you see something more like bagpipes playing in unison in formation?  One seems chaotic, the other, calming.

I like flexibility.  I resist inflexibility.  Order does not need to be inflexible.  Order allows you more time to have more flexibility. Order helps the dishes stay in the cupboard, and not come catapulting down whenever you open the cabinet. (This is the “after” picture.  You think it’s the “before” picture?  Order is especially helpful with organizing many things in a small space . . .)

I always put my keys in my purse.  Then I know where they are.  But I didn’t always — I tried different places, and ended up spending a lot of time looking for them.

The Gift of Order might have another name:  the Gift of Unwasted Time.  Or even the Gift of Serene Spaces. When you have order, your energy is not tied up in looking for things, or looking at chaos.

Putting one area of a room into order tends to be catching.  Say you cleaned off the coffee table.  Then, as you sat on the couch admiring the orderly space, you might just decide to spruce up the couch as well.  Like the holes in a slice of swiss cheese, pretty soon you’ve poked holes in disorder.  Just five minutes here and there.

The energy you save when your eyes rest on an orderly area will be far more than the energy you spent straightening up. I won’t even mention how much time you’ll spend not looking for your keys . . .

Now I’ll let you go in case there is some small area you’d like to put into order . . . I’m off to make my bed  . . .

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