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The 12th Day of Christmas: Gift of Joy


When the wise men reached the babe, it must have been time for celebration.  All of that traveling, and finally, their journey was complete.  I don’t imagine they were whining. It’s more likely their state resembled JOY.

I read that our normal state is JOY.  But I don’t often see that state in myself or others.

I also read somewhere that if you spend more time in JOY you’re going to get more JOY.  Law of Attraction.

Twelve drummers drumming . . . people dancing in wild abandon.  Close to JOY?

Don’t you feel better when you’re having a good day than when you’re having a bad one?  Don’t you like it more when things go your way than when everything seems to go wrong?  It seems as if the good feelings feed on each other, ensuring ease and happiness. The bad ones do too, creating more discouragement and discomfort.

Let’s experiment this year.  Whenever you can, bring yourself closer to JOY.  The easiest way to do this is not to ignore your feelings, but to trade-up to a better feeling whenever you can. Let’s see if you don’t have a more JOYful year as a result!

If we were to put feelings into a continuum with the best at the top they might look something like this:














(For an even more complete list of feelings, check out the book  Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks).

So how do you trade up? Listening, Understanding and Appreciating.

If you are feeling hatred towards someone, which is a very strong negative, ask yourself why and listen to yourself.  Once you have listened, maybe you’ll find that what you really are is angry. And why are you angry? Maybe you’re really feeling like something was not your fault. Instead it was someone else’s fault so now we’re closer to blaming, rather than being angry.  See how you pull yourself up the scale?

This works better when you also develop the Gift of Presence.  When you step back from the drama and think about it constructively, you pull yourself up the scale.

I know people that go for years with a grudge, or are really spittin’ mad at someone for months.  Life is too short to waste your energy holding on to something that doesn’t need to exist.  Forgive, or don’t forgive, but don’t punish yourself by miring yourself in negative feelings.  Trade up.

When I am most joyful, I feel a bubbling in my chest.  I can’t really describe the feeling any better.  When I come over the hill before our house and see the mountains spread out in their shining glory in front of me, I get that bubbling joyful feeling.  I also get it with my kids, my pets, hiking with friends, in meditation.

When you appreciate things, even about a person you’re mad at, you tend to automatically trade up. If you can identify a time when you were really happy and bubbling over, recall that time when you’re having difficulty trading up.  It will make it easier.  You tie up a lot of energy holding on to negative feelings.  As you move up the feelings continuum, it costs you less energy, because you’re closer to your original state.

This is the last of the 12 Days of Christmas Posts.  Check in with them throughout the year. I’m wishing for you a happy, healthy, wondrous year of joy!

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