Organized You

Being organized is a state, kind of like being an ice cube.  When you take the ice cube out of the freezer it’s going to melt into water, and when you spend much time in an organized place, it’s going to revert back to being messy.  Every time I get something organized it’s time to take a photo, because it won’t last long.  Change is messy, and messier still if you can’t find anything, like your clothes, your papers or even the kitchen sink.  A step a day will get you headed in the right direction.  Don’t think of it as waging a losing battle, think of it as a work in progress . . .

Clutter Busting 101 6/9/2010

DAY 1: What and how? 6/10/2010

DAY 2: It’s about time! 6/11/2010

DAY 3: Schedule it ☺ 6/12/2010

DAY 4: Break off a small chunk! 6/13/2010

DAY 5: Set a timer 6/14/2010

DAY 6: Pick the best time of day for you 6/15/2010

DAY 7: Make it a habit 6/21/2010

DAY 8: Advanced Habits – Rituals 6/22/2010

DAY 9: Get in the flow 6/23/2010

Day 10: Ditch perfection 6/24/2010

Day 11: Honor yourself 6/25/2010

Day 12: Free up Units of Energy 6/26/2010

Day 13: Set a Goal 6/27/2010

Day 14: Bask in your accomplishments daily 6/28/2010

Day 15: Stand strong 6/29/2010

Day 16: Choose to succeed 6/30/2010

DAY 17: Celebrate! 7/1/2010

Day 18:  Enlist help 7/2/2010