Home Spa

This page is dedicated to directing you to simple, homemade recipes to indulge your body and senses. Have fun with it!  Click on the links below to find the posts/recipes:

Home Spa Week 7/20/2010

Oatmeal Honey Soap 7/21/2010

Fresh Strawberry Sugar Scrub 7/22/2010

Grapefruit Sugar Scrub 7/23/2010

Cucumber Lemon Spa Drink 7/24/2010

Lavender Buttermilk Bath 7/25/2010

Buttermilk Honey Bath 7/26/2010

Spattitude 7/26/2010

Lost Your Marbles Mint Tea Foot Soak 7/27/2010

Spacial Mask 7/28/2010

Bee Balm 7/31/2010

Bath Jello 8/2/2010

Coffee or Root Beer Float? 8/3/2010

Bee Soap 12/17/10