About Me

Hi!  I’m Elizabeth and glad you’ve stopped by.  I’m a mother, teacher, friend, cook, gardener, chicken raiser, musician, writer and traveler, though not necessarily in that order. Sitting here at the keyboard trying to define myself makes me a little nervous.  A little fearful, in fact.

A long time ago I used to be afraid of the water, so I decided to become a life guard. After that I chose to conquer my fear of heights by climbing.  Never did conquer the fear, but I learned that if you don’t look down, it’s easier.

The next thing that gave me the willies was skiing and the cold so I took a three week NOLS course in winter mountaineering where we lived in igloos. The first day of the course, I took one slide on my skis–I’d never skied before, of course — with a seventy pound pack attached to 115 pound me and tipped over.  Just like an upside down turtle.  I couldn’t get up for what seemed like forever until I released the backpack and all the buckles and popped my skis off. I was glad everyone else was ahead of me on the trail so they didn’t see me flailing around with my arms and legs in the air. They’re still wondering what took me so long . . .

For a while I was afraid of being mugged while walking down an alley, not that I was in the habit of walking down alleys, but still, it bugged me, so of course I took karate. I’m almost a black belt, but I’m not deliberately looking for a reason to defend myself.

Standing in front of people and talking was the next freakiest thing for me so naturally I became a teacher.  And not just a kindergarten teacher where the kiddos smile no matter what you do. That would have been too easy, so I became a middle school teacher.

But my latest challenge was two years ago, and I’ve been looking for something else to conquer, so here it is:  Just thinking about someone looking at my writing makes me shiver!  I hope you enjoy my blog. Now, if only I had a fear of exercise . . .