Nature’s Popsicle 2

Here’s two more popsicles from Nature for you! Watermelon makes a great frozen treatsicle.  I get the small seedless melon and leave on the rind for ease of handling. Watermelon is refreshing, full of lycopene, Vit A, B6 and C and a host of other nutrients.

Cherries are wonderful frozen.  I suggest pitting them before freezing, or buying them already frozen, but either way beware of pits! Cherries contain anthocyanins (like grapes) and reduce risk factors for heart disease, certain cancers and diabetes (they have a relatively low glycemic index). Because cherries contain melatonin they also help to regulate sleep patterns.  Need I say more? How about they help reduce belly fat . . . (healthy cherries).

Cool huh! Tasty, natural . . .

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