Nature’s Popsicle

In the summer when it’s really hot, no one around here likes to eat much.  Healthy things, that is.  But if the freezer was full of popsicles, I bet they’d be gone in short order. Have you ever looked at the ingredients in popsicles?  Some of them give me the willies, chills, goosebumps . . . you get it.

Did you know that dark grapes (red, blue, purple and black) contain lots of the polyphenolic antioxidant anthocyanin?  Wow, that is a mouthful! In fact, dark grapes rival blueberries and blackberries as sources of antioxidants. Green grapes are not lightweights either.  They contain catechin, another phenolic. It’s all in the skin . . .

Grapes also contain resveratrol which inhibits cancer.  Grapes are known to lower LDL cholesterol, raise HDL cholesterol, relax blood vessel walls and lower blood pressure . . . all good things. (Click here for more on the health benefits of grapes).

Nature is a miracle.  She has provided us with so many treats, and all we have to do is freeze them.  Of course we could eat them at ambient temperature or lightly fridged, but that’s for the rest of the year. When it’s hot and you need something cold — really cold — try some frozen grapes. Nature’s popsicle. Healthy, sweet, and cold. Who could ask for more?  I will! I will!

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