Coffee or Root Beer Float?

Here’s a duo of fun soaps to make. Use the Oatmeal Honey Soap post for general melt and pour soap directions.

COFFEE SOAP — using a transparent soap block, fill a 2 cup measure with pieces, microwave gently and stir until melted.  Add the drained contents of one coffee filter full of coffee grounds, a splash of vanilla, a few dashes of cinnamon. The coffee helps deoderize and scrub, the vanilla relaxes, and the cinnamon is a good toner. Depending on the grind of the coffee, you can make your soap with fine exfoliation or coarse exfoliation.  Cut down the amount of coffee grounds if you want a less exfoliating soap.

ROOT BEER FLOAT — for the white ice cream foam, use an opaque soap with a splash of vanilla, melt and stir it until it starts to lump up as it cools, then pour in the bottom of the mold.  For the root beer, use transparent soap, add root beer extract or scent, and if necessary, coloring. After the white layer has cooled, pour the root beer layer. After cooling, unmold. The white ice cream will be at the top and the root beer at the bottom!

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