Moving On

I just finished my third re-read of Moving On, by Sarah Ban Breathnach (Meridith, 2006). You may recognize her name from the Simple Abundance book — a book I loved and gave to several of my closest friends, full of quotes, humor and wisdom.

I like the format of short essays in Moving On (similar to Simple Abundance) that make it possible for me to read and digest a new piece of wisdom when I have a few minutes.  This is a book I wish I had written . . .  I think Sarah and I might be a kindred spirits — I’m just not as far along the path as she is.  She seeks to encourage us to be more comfortable in our homes, and to let go of those things that don’t work anymore and not be afraid to move on.

Poor Sarah has had two incidences where she’s been hit on the head and had to change her life in order to recover.  She writes this book while recovering from her second head injury, after her marriage falls apart, using a depth of understanding of the human spirit that is uncanny. She writes from a chapel that was Isaac Newton’s (gravity-and-the-apple-Isaac) and which she bought and fell utterly in love with (the chapel, not Isaac).

When I read her books I feel like she’s there with me, shoring me up, patting my hand and telling me not to be discouraged or fearful, that there is always something to be grateful for and a way back to joy.

I love her books for this blog — so much about transformation and change and how to deal with it all.  She got me through one of the hardest periods of my life and her books are never far from my reach.

Her newest book comes out in December and is called Peace and Plenty:  finding your path to financial security.  You can bet that one is on my wish list.

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