Luscious Lush

I’ve been microwaving and pouring and stirring and concocting and spilling and waiting and trying and redoing and getting lots of photos out of focus . . . driven to create, and then I find out that you can just buy this stuff and not even have to make it and it was kind of discouraging.

More and more stores are carrying special handmade soaps and other spa-like indulgent treats. And since the point is to create a spa at home and take time for yourself, I guess it’s okay to go out and buy them.  I just found out about  I’m sure I’m the last person to know about them. They make handmade soaps, scrubs, etc.  and their products look really fun! Their website has information about the ingredients in their products as well as their social concerns. I love how they describe their products.  It’s enticing . . .

It just so happens that they have a store in my town! And of course I had to visit them. And when I asked if they just opened the sales clerk said that in fact they had been there for 5 years or so.  So . . . . I had been walking by the store for probably 5 years . . . The scents are intoxicating . . . Don’t know why I never noticed them before. . . except that before, I didn’t have time for myself.

I had to get some, for inspiration. Starting from top and going clockwise is a mud scrub bar, a bath melt called cauldron, the comforter bubble bar with blackcurrent, a sweetie pie bath jellie with black cherry soda fragrance, a sunny side bubble bar with gold shimmers and citrus scent, and in the center  I think it’s called a happy pill bath fizzie and the green disc is a token to the forest gods.

I have them on my cake stand because they are pretty enough to eat!  Most of these are my daughter’s but I am going to try some of them out.  I can’t wait to try the jelly. Looks like a chunk of jello but smells yummmmm. You can freeze it and then do the hot tub, frozen soap thing.

I do like my recipes because they are fresh and good for me.  But I don’t mind treating myself every once in a while, even though my wallet is quite a bit flatter.  Everyone needs inspiration.

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