All Kinds of Possibilities

January — a whole new year ahead of us, full of possibilities, opportunities, mistakes and victories. If we but pursue them . . . I was chatting with a colleague of mine when we started back to school about how the lack of sunlight hours makes me a bit blue. Yes I know there are things that help, all external things. What I really need is an internal shift. I’m grateful for what I have, the people whose lives bless mine, and my abilities.

What I think it’s time for, is doing things a different way. Trying different things. Tipping over the apple cart, and following those apples as they roll down the street. Truth is, when I get to a comfortable place, I get bored.

So this morning, I tried to stay in bed until noon. Because that’s what my teenagers do. Didn’t work. Because I wake up early (5:30) and then I heard the chickens calling and knew that THEY weren’t going to last til noon. Staying into bed until noon, and sleeping until noon are apparently two different things. So okay – new information – I don’t need to try this again.

Then, still in the “try new things” mode, I decided to cut my hair. Cutting one’s hair is, after all, symbolic of reinventing oneself.  A friend from long ago used to brush her hair straight up in the air, hold it in her hand, and snip. Every hair fell perfectly into place.  I decided to go for it. I’ve wanted to try it, but always backed down. Not today.  And not a good idea, because I can’t leave the house now until my daughter fixes it (and yes, she’s sleeping til noon). But — I can let that “I wonder what would happen if . . .” energy dissipate, because I’ve tried it. And know it’s not for me . . .

This is a new soap of mine, called View From the Moon:


As always, a new idea kind of percolates for a while, whether it is designing soap, canning or writing. I taught about the moon in summer school last summer, and kept drawing sketches for the soap that I wasn’t crazy about. Finally I just gathered the soap earth balls, started the batch, and let it play out.

Not so bad, I think. It was an experiment, much like trying to sleep until noon, or cutting my own hair. But this one worked, and I’m kinda jazzed up about it. I’m going to try three new things a week. Order different things on the menu, go a different way to work, maybe join a new class, write a book, the possibilities are endless . . . because this is a new year, and there are all kinds of ways to change your perspective, your view from where you are to where you want to be. Happy New Year to us all!

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