Frankincense & Myrrh Soap

I’ve been so busy making soap I haven’t been canning. Here’s one of my new soaps –

All of my soaps incorporate either beeswax or honey. This one has beeswax, along with olive, coconut, sunflower, palm and castor oils. The beeswax lends a little buttery color to the soap base.  Essentials oils including frankincense, myrrh and amber, impart a wonderful resinous aroma.

Cocoa powder (great for the skin) in the hand rolled soap balls, the cut soap spikes, and the brown areas, as well as some coffee grounds (another skin pleaser) – the speckles in the brown area, create the visual texture.

To add definition to the lines and a small bit of exfoliation along with the coffee grounds, I added some activated charcoal powder. This is a hefty 5.5+ oz bar. Available at

Looks like mountains, or a volcano. The look will appeal to guys as well as gals. The scent is one of my favorite — outdoorsy with a generous splash of the regal. Fit for a king. ¬†Or a queen . . .

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