Valentine Bars

Sometimes I find myself in a rut.  I find something that works well, and then I keep doing it.  Sounds sensible, right?  

But then I forget that we’re supposed to change.  To grow, evolve, and experience different things.

So, I switched up my lotion bar formula.  For Valentine’s Day.  I still love the old lotion bars, but I’ll try these for a while.  At least during February.  And then, if I like them better, I can keep making them.  Or, I can go back to the old, or even concoct something new .  .  .

Try something new this month.  Change your salad dressing, or your tea flavor.  Or even your favorite haunt. Keep changing, evolving, improving, and loving it.

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4 comments to Valentine Bars

  • Elizabeth,
    It has been a while since I visited your site. I need to stop in more often. I appreciate your comments to encourage us to get out of the rut and to embrace change. I like to sprinkle some mindfulness into the mix. Hence, I can get the full experience like eating slowly so I can taste the food; feel the texture smell the aroma.

    Warm Regards, Brenda

  • Nicely said! Embrace the new 🙂 Love those soaps by the way – they’re perfect for Valentine’s day. Have a happy week.

  • elizabeth

    Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for the lovely comment. We’ll have to get together soon! Hope you’re doing well.


  • elizabeth


    Love your comment! Any news about the Blogettes? I really enjoyed that group . . .


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