Stengthsfinder 2.0

I always pass by the business aisle when I go into a bookstore, but not this time. I’d heard about the Strengthsfinder 2.0 by Tom Rath (2007, Gallup), a little book with a code that allows you to take an online assessment from Gallup.

We spend too much time looking at what’s “wrong” with us.  This book points out our strengths.  How nice is that?  I read through the book and then took the online assessment.  My top five strengths come out, and then I can read in more detail about them and how to work  with those strengths.

There are 34 themes (strengths) and ideas for action.  Things like: Learner, Achiever, Relator, Maximizer, Developer.  Knowing which themes you’re aligned with might help you discover hidden talents. Or just stop trying to be something that you are not, and switch course towards something more rewarding.

Now with that information, I’m looking into how I do things, and what I want to do, and how to work those strengths into the picture.  It’s exciting! Just wish the code could be used for more than one person — I’d have my kids and all my students take it as well . . .



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