The Twelve Days of Christmas

I’ve been accused of hanging on to Christmas too long. I like the feeling, the spirit of being kinder to others, even if that other is yourself. Give yourself a gift this year – something that honors you, is frugal and wise. Better yet, how about twelve gifts to start off the new year, 2015. . .

Day 1: The Gift of Water

Day 2: The Gift of Silence

Day 3: The Gift of Gratitude

Day 4: The Gift of Motion

Day 5: The Gift of Sustenance

Day 6: The Gift of Releasing the Old

Day 7: The Gift of Bringing in the New

Day 8: The Gift of a New Script

Day 9: The Gift of Presence (Not Presents!)

Day 10: The Gift of Discipline

Day 11: The Gift of Order

Day 12: The Gift of Joy

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