I was in the tub with the Buttermilk Honey bath, feeling all warm and cozy and relaxed and then I remembered that I had to get a lot done today and my mind went into hyperdrive.  Then my skin said, “Wait a minute?  What about me?  You’ve been in this tub all of 30 seconds!”  It was right.  And I resolved in the next 30 seconds to do 2 things.  One — I won’t take a relaxing morning tub because I’m a morning person and a tub works better for me at night and Two — I will develop some Spattitude.

I bet you can guess what I mean by Spattitude.  (Spa attitude in case you’re not awake yet).  If you go to the trouble to prepare special concoctions for your body and then ignore your body because your mind is all wrapped up in itself, you lose. Whether you have 5 minutes or 30 minutes (or more), put your focus on relaxing and giving to your body.

For some people that isn’t so hard, but others might be like me.  I was nicknamed busy lizzie when I was a kid, and as an adult I just try to hide that part of myself from others that always seems to be in motion.  That means I end up tapping my foot, or jiggling my leg or biting my nails . . .  either under the table or when no one is looking of course.

If  you can’t seem to slow the rhythm of your life to relax, one thing that might help is to create a spa basket.  A Spasket. Yep, I really said that.  In your Spasket put things that will help you extend your time relaxing in your spa. Besides the recipes that we’ve made that you’r

e bringing into the tub anyway, think of what else might increase your time in the tub. So maybe you will still be in motion, but you’ll still be spa-ing.

Maybe as you’re sitting there you’ll start to feel hungry or thirsty, so put in a bar of good chocolate, and a juice spritzer.   Maybe you’ll notice that your legs need shaving or that your nails need work, so include a razor, a pumice stone, a nail clipper.  Maybe you’ll start thinking about your hair, so toss in a packet of deep conditioner.  Maybe include a favorite relaxing CD, a candle to light (and matches) and few of your favorite essential oils . . .

As I was sitting in the tub today I thought about all those things, and then I thought that we really need a face mask in our repertoire of home spa recipes, so it’s coming.  And maybe a foot soak. Busy, busy, busy lizzie . . .

The idea of a spa is not to waste time, and not to force yourself to do something that is uncomfortable, but to develop an attitude that you are willing to put yourself first for a period of time, to nourish your body and soul with attention.  The idea of a home spa is to do it without spending a lot of money, and also save the travel time. If you don’t put yourself first, no one else is going to.  So do it today.  Try to do it at least once a week. Develop some Spattitude.

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