Steps to Happiness

I was browsing simple things on the internet this morning, right before I went out to walk the dog, and came across this article “Do five simple things a day to stay sane, say scientists”  in the UK Sunday Times. Sunshine was tugging on me, trying to get me to go play, but I was reading . . . reading . . . reading . . . I do simple things to save time, money, and resources, but “staying sane” piqued my curiosity.  I’ve paraphrased their Steps to Happiness as follows:

CONNECT — enrich and support yourself by connecting with others

BE ACTIVE — elevate your mood and stay fit through physical activities

BE CURIOUS — enjoy and appreciate life around you

LEARN — satisfy yourself and gain confidence through learning new skills

GIVE — be happier and feel rewarded when you help others

Although the article is a few years old, the wisdom is timeless.  It’s worth reading the whole article through the link above. Try thinking about how you already incorporate these steps into your life, and which ones you need to work on.  Or should I say play with? Now, time for a walk.

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