Rhubarb Raspberry Jelly

Yesterday I decided to make a jelly with some of my frozen rhubarb and some fresh raspberries.  To everything there is a season, and rhubarb is best by the end of June around here.  Although some say that later in the season the pectin in it increases, making for an easier jell . . .

Here you see 12 oz of raspberries covering 8 cups of rhubarb.  I added 6 cups of water and simmered these for about an hour, until the rhubarb threads (breaks into strings).

Then I strained them in a strainer, careful not to push any liquid out (causes cloudiness of the jelly when you want clarity).  I also strained the juice through a jelly bag.  Sometimes the instructions are to let it drip overnight, but I had lots of juice and wanted the clearest possible jelly, so I let it drip about an hour.

Measure the juice and pour into a jelly/jam pan.  I had seven cups of liquid.  I added 5 cups of pure cane sugar to this and let it slowly boil over medium heat until it hit the jell point (two drops joined together in a sheet before falling off a spoon).

Skim off the foam, pack into hot sterilized jars, and process for 10 min at sea level, 15 min at 5000 feet.

If all this sounds like greek to you, check out my post on crabapple jelly making.

The resulting jelly is very clear, not cloudy, a lovely shade of rose and tastes superb (you’ll just have to take my word for that . . .)

Rhubarb Raspberry Jelly

8 cups diced rhubarb

12 oz raspberries

6 cups water

Simmer all 1 hour until rhubarb separates into threads, then strain juice

Measure juice.  Add in the ratio of 5 cups sugar to 7 cups juice.  Add more to taste.  I like mine a bit punchy.

Gently boil until you reach the jell point, then pour into hot sterilized jars.  This recipe makes almost 6 cups of jelly.

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2 comments to Rhubarb Raspberry Jelly

  • Andrea Klingler

    Hello I am trying to make jelly with all frozen fruit. Do I thaw it completely first, then drain or do I include water from thawing or do I cook from frozen? I am using liquid pectin and want to make rhubarb raspberry jelly. One pouch of pectin should do?

    Thank you for your time and help

    Andrea Klingler

  • elizabeth

    I suggest checking the liquid pectin packet for instructions. I don’t usually work with frozen fruit but have canned dry pack frozen rhubarb. Not being an expert on frozen fruit, it would seem like you wouldn’t want to get rid of all that lovely juice, and that you would want to cook from thawed. How many pouches of pectin really is determined by the recipe you are using and the quantities, so double check the instructions that come with your pectin. Hope that helps!

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