Vanishing Bees — 8/3/11 — Book Nook

The Vanishing of the Bees is not a book but a movie by filmmakers George Langworthy and Maryam Henein (2009). Perhaps I should rename this category Media Nook.  Maybe just for today, consider it the Media Nook.  Anyway, this movie is an eye opener, and explains through interviews and commentary, the plight of the bees.

For several years, bees have been suffering from colony collapse disorder.  A beekeeper will check her hives, and everything looks fine.  A couple weeks later, all the bees are gone, except for the queen and some brood.  Where did they go?

It’s not just one hive, here or there, but thousands of hives.  It’s linked to pesticide use, and it’s scary.  It started in Europe, but since they’ve banned certain pesticides, the bees have bounced back there.  Now it’s here, and it’s not so easy to get the same attention as in Europe.

It’s an issue that hits close to home for everyone, not just beekeepers, because we depend on the bees for so many of our crops.  To hand pollinate or rely on the wind or other insects just isn’t feasible.  Bees are a indicator of biological health.  If the bees around are dying from exposure, what does that say for our quality of life?

Check it out — I got a copy of mine from Whole Foods in Boulder.  It’s available online from booksellers as well.

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