Clementine Fig Jamalade/Marmajam

As you can see, I’m having a little trouble naming this.  Is it a jam? Or is it a marmalade?  I’ll let you decide for yourself . . .

I’ve always thought that citrus wakes up the flavors of the sleepy fig.  My straight fig jam recipe uses lemons and oranges and this one does too.  The difference here is that the Clementine has a starring role.

It occurred to me partly through the making of this that I should be taking pictures . . . but you can check out the fig jam recipe photos in the above link if you’d like to see whole figs, and then quartered figs with sugar poured on top . . .

So at this point, you’ve already weighed out 1 1/2 pounds of figs, quartered them, thinly sliced 3 clementines and 1 lemon, and added the juice from an extra lemon and 2 clementines.

Add 1 cup of sugar.

Let this simmer a bit so that the figs can carmelize somewhat.  I didn’t want a really dark jam, so I waited until I could draw a spoon across the bottom and the fruit was just thinking of scorching before I added the rest of the juice.

Simmer about 15 minutes or more.

When the figs have completely softened, add in the juice from 4 clementines.

Add the 4 peeled and sectioned clementines.

Simmer, simmer.  Sterilize 5 + half-pint jars.

When jam is thick enough to sheet, pour into hot jars, and process in a hot water bath for 20 minutes at 5000 ft, 15 minutes at sea level.

Clementine Fig Jamalade

1 1/2 pounds fresh figs

(13 clementines and 2 lemons — see below for use)

3 clems thinly sliced

1 lemon thinly sliced

juice from 1 lemon and 2 clems

1 cup sugar

juice from 4 clems

4 clems peeled and sectioned


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