Lavender Buttermilk Bath

I used to love baths, but got out of the habit when my kids were younger.  It seemed like as soon as I got the tub full and got in, I had to get out and help someone.  But you know, I’m worth it, and I can take that time now.  In the summer run the bath a little cooler, but then add this Lavender Buttermilk Bath.  It’s scented like summer, and very soothing to skin.

Milk and buttermilk soften and nourish skin.  They contain lactic acid (one of those AHAs) that gently removes dead skin, lightens dark spots and evens out skin texture. In Charlotte’s Web, they washed Wilbur the pig in buttermilk to make him soft and bright. Not saying that there is any resemblance, but if it works for a dirty pig, think what it will do for you!

Milk and buttermilk also help calm irritated skin.  Besides the milk and buttermilk we’re adding baking soda.  Baking soda is one of those miracle products that has 500+ uses.  I used to use it to brush my teeth and make an impromptu face scrub, besides patting it on mosquito bites and rashes.  Baking soda neutralizes acidity, soothes itching and has antiseptic properties.  Lavender helps relieve headaches, and relax you so you can sleep better.  This is a great before-bed bath.

Step 1 — in a bowl, combine 1 cup each of powdered buttermilk and powdered milk

Step 2 — add 1/4 cup baking soda

Step 3 — mix in 1/2 cup lavender

Step 4 — spoon into a glass bottle, and use 1/4-1/2 cup per bath. (Don’t take glass into the tub!)

Nighty night!

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