The Courage to be Brilliant

What does The Courage to be Brilliant by Marta Monahan (Vittorio, 2010) and The Green Lantern (the movie) have in common?  Besides that I’ve either watched them or read them in the past week (out on DVD)?

A push towards cultivating character.  In The Green Lantern, the hero is told that he lacks the will to be superior and tends to give up and walk away from things that are too difficult for him.

In The Courage to be Brilliant, Marta talks about how through performing five daily acts of improvement until they become habits, we rise from mediocrity into brilliance.

And brilliant is exactly how the Green Lantern shines once he chooses to develop his will.

I’m feeling a little tarnished myself.  I’m super busy right now, and often my choices don’t get me where I think I want to go.  I feel entitled to relax because that’s what people tell me — that I work so hard and I should be easy on myself.

But being easy on myself isn’t going to buff off that tarnish.

I don’t know about you, but I always felt that I had to hide my light.  I still do.  Under the bushel. Where nobody can notice.  Because that way I don’t draw attention to myself, which might be uncomfortable . . . for others mainly.

Perhaps there’s a way to let that light shine out gently . . .

I’m going to work on those five acts every day.  I’m going to develop my will.  Because I admire strength in others, but most of all, I want it for myself.

Marta’s book is very inspiring.  It’s great for someone who is looking for a way to change, and the encouragement to stick with it.  If we have the will, there is definitely a way . . .


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2 comments to The Courage to be Brilliant

  • I’ve not heard of this book but your review makes it sound intriguing and inspiring. If you do want to relax a little I recommend a picnic with a few good books to read under a shade tree. That’s the pause that refreshes for me.

  • elizabeth

    That sounds great! As long as it isn’t 99 degrees in the shade . . .

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