The Blue Bistro

Last summer it seemed that there was some type of structure and food value to our meals, without me making too much of a fuss, but this summer the teenagers seem to eat anytime, anywhere and anything other than what I’m cooking.  OK — they’ll eat some of it, but they prefer chips and fast toaster oven stuff to my marinated pork tenderloin or garden fresh spinach salad or even barnyard fresh frittata . . . what’s wrong with them!!!

So The Blue Bistro by Elin Hilderbrand (St. Martin’s Press, 2005) is somewhat saving me right now.  It’s a fast paced novel about GOOD FOOD!!!!! cooked in an amazing restaurant called the Blue Bistro on Nantucket.

It’s got all of my favorite summertime elements — beaches, summer, food, & romance — set in the world behind the scenes in a very hot restaurant on an island.  I’ve already mentioned how much I like islands . . .

It’s also dense and deep and enticing, like a dessert made with eggs.  And chocolate.  I love the chef because at the heart of all her elegant food, is the tendency towards simplicity.

Hope you like it.  Just popped up at Costco . . .

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