Puppy Love

We’ve had our darling puppy Phoenix for a little over a week.  And let me tell you — he’s anything but simple.  He has a great personality and is a pal of Sunny already (they spend nearly all day chewing on each other, gently).

You and I know that adding a pet does not make life simpler.  But sometimes, when you have simplified your life by cutting out the things that aren’t really precious, you have the room to add something not so simple but very precious.

Am I making myself clear?  Life isn’t meant to be smooth sailing.  Life is about change.  Life is about staying flexible enough to embrace change.  Life is ebb and flow, chaos and order . . . Let me just repeat that part — chaos and order . . . right now much more of the chaos . . .

For Sunny, it was time for a change.  She’s lovin’ her little buddy.  She takes care of him, plays with him, and ignores him when she’s tired.  Then we keep him entertained.  Because she’s two and still really a puppy herself, she’s enjoying all his silly antics as much as we are.

They aren’t little for long and he’s so cute.  He’s also very generous — leaves me little love packages every morning on the floor if I decide to sleep in . . .

Trounces around with that playful smile on his face . . . Chews on Sunny’s ears . . . Attacks anything that moves (did I tell you that our cat’s tail is not quite in love with the puppy). . .

It’s hard to remember life before we got him. That’s puppy love.

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2 comments to Puppy Love

  • dorothea

    I finally visited with the new puppy, Phoenix and saw Sunny too. Both look cute and loveable. I didn’t expect the long hair on Sunny. Looks like you will be doing a bit of brushing. Just like our Elsa. Also like Elsa on the Outer Banks

  • elizabeth

    Greg does the brushing. I do the sweeping. Lexie does the training . . . It’s all good!

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