Puppies are definitely a simple pleasure.  They can also be very complicated.  On our recent vacation we visited my cousin.  She has 4 dogs.  The minute we saw them, all I heard was “Mom, can be get a Corgi please!”  Not just from one kid, but from all of them.  Multiple times.

As teenagers, I think they’ve figure it out.  If you hit me up with enough pleases, my resolve erodes.

That, and I’ve been thinking about another dog to keep Sunny company.  No, really.  I have been, and I was thinking maybe in July.

But . . . I’m afraid Sunny would run the little legs off a Corgi . . .

Still, I wasn’t prepared for the tiny little woof I heard behind the counter when I took my son to the dentist.

And I wasn’t prepared when the puppy that came out from under the counter was so cute I would be prompted to ask where they got him.

As my son got more and more excited that I had even asked the question, I felt myself slipping into wanting another puppy.

So here he is.  Phoenix (his original family named him, and he IS magical after all . . . besides, none of us can agree on any other name) at 9 weeks.

And here he is playing with his ball . . . I know, all puppies play with balls, but just look at how well he’s doing it . . . new puppy mom syndrome . . .

And here he is with Sunny . . . notice the distance between them at the moment . . . she’s just met him after all.  I know she’ll grow to love this little imp . . . she IS smiling, after all.  Actually, she always smiles . . .


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