The last time I was in Washington was when I was a kid.  Since I have 3 teens at the moment and they haven’t been before, it was time . . .

We saw the Capitol Building and the dome.

And Freedom, at the top of the dome.

Visited the Lincoln Memorial  —  I remember this very well!

And the Vietnam Memorial, new since I’ve been there.  Just as everyone says, very powerful and sobering to see the black granite walls go on and on, and to see the thick book index with all the names and locations.

The Washington Memorial I recently saw (less than a week ago, as I circled around Washington at 2 or 3 in the morning, trying to give my kids a night view from all angles.  Did I say I was lost?  I don’t remember that . . .) The Reflecting Pool is under construction at the moment so I couldn’t get that reflection shot, but I got the lake to the side . . .

And finally, the White House.  Impressive even from the back, isn’t it?


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