Chicken and Egg

I splurged on a book at the bookstore yesterday.  Mainly because I had a gift card and so the book was free.  But — I did have to use up some of the gift card.  My favorite bookstore pays for used books, and then issues credit. I racked up quite a bit of credit a few months ago when I went through all my non-favorite books. So I splurged on my credit . . .

Chicken and Egg is my new favorite book.  It’s by Janice Cole who also writes the blog titled Three Swingin’ Chicks at  It’s published by Chronicle Books, 2011.

What I love about the book is the stories about her first year of raising chickens.  I know just how she feels, and I like the way she describes the joys and non-joys (I know that’s not a word but I can’t think of the right one right now) of chickenparenthood.

I also love her scrumptious recipes.  Here’s an example:  Strawberry Souffle Omelet with Maple-Carmelized Almonds. Isn’t that immensely mouth watering?  Or this one:  Southwest Skillet Eggs over Tostadas. I can practically hear a Native American flute wafting lightly over the distant strains of a Mariachi Band!

Janice was a former chef and restaurant owner, and has taught about, written about, styled and developed recipes for food. She knows food!

The photography is wonderful and the book is lovely!

While she started with three chickens (2 Aracana/Americana and 1 Buff Orpington) and I have thirty four (including hers), it doesn’t matter.  She really knows her chickens and how to cook with eggs and chicken.

I appreciate the seasonal organization of recipes, and how simply she can make the elegant dishes.

Great for summer experimentation! What’s your favorite way to do eggs?

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