New Beeswax

My bees have been pretty busy. . . they’ve been laying down new beeswax onto the foundation in the frames I’ve given them, and also between the frames!

These pieces were extra flaps of beeswax, created because there was an extra little gap of space between two frames.  I took them out so they wouldn’t get messed up frame-wise.

The one on the left is new pure beeswax.  The one on the right has the addition of nectar.  See the different types of nectar — they’re different colors!

I think it’s amazing that without any blueprints, they form these perfect little cells.

Someone called yesterday to ask if I wanted a swarm.  A swarm is when half the population of a hive leaves with their queen because of overcrowding.  I was on my way to school, so I couldn’t get it, but next time . . .

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2 comments to New Beeswax

  • I had no idea the types of nectars would be different colors. Is that the honey? Can you taste the difference if you lick the different cells? (Excuse me if these are silly questions – I don’t know much about bees beyond their necessity.) Its great that you have free beeswax to use in your lip balm and lotion products.

  • elizabeth

    That is the honey — but it will sit for a while and get more concentrated. You can taste the difference in honey that comes from different flowers — bees that frequent clover produce clover honey, and those that spend their time on orange blossoms create an orange blossom flavored honey . . .

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