Chicks! 6 Weeks!

Here are the chickies — still growing and growing:





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3 comments to Chicks! 6 Weeks!

  • christy

    Hi there!! What good looking chicks!! I have a question for you, I just got a few myself, 3 are 1.5 weeks old and 1 is 3 weeks old… I have them in a pen with a heatlamp. Is that sufficient heat for them? They were in my upstairs bathroom until yesterday. By the way, I love your site, I’m new to country living and feel that I can learn much from you!

  • elizabeth

    If the chicks huddle under the lamp, they’re probably cold. If they avoid it, they’re probably hot, and if they seem to pass in and out of the heat, they’re probably just right. Have fun with them — they’re so cute. Sakura started crowing yesterday. He sounds like a squeaky hinge.

  • christy

    They seem to be running around quite a bit, but sleep in the little area, where there is bedding! Thanks so much for the heads up… Oh, how exciting!!! What great names you have picked out!

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