Home Spa Week

It’s the middle of the summer and it’s hot and I’m sweaty and I keep trudging on thinking I have to accomplish things every minute of the day when really, I don’t. I need to take care of myself a little more. So I’m declaring this week Home Spa Week.

Maybe you’ll find something in these recipes that soothes you, body, mind or spirit or some combination of the above.  When I’m miserable, and I step into the shower, I emerge a completely different person.  I first noticed it when my kids were little and I was having a hard day and needed an attitude adjustment. The water washed all my negativity away.

When you’re going through lots of change, it’s easy to forget to take time out for yourself.  But it’s a necessary part of balancing your life and I find I have more energy to accomplish other things that need to be done when I have given to myself.

I used to have a “spa” notebook where I experimented with soaps and scrubs, etc. making them, and trying to recreate them from products from the store that I liked. Can’t find the notebook, but these little recipes are relatively simple, so I’m recreating them for you (and me) and feeling a bit nostalgic about the whole thing.

This is a way to honor your body and nourish the skin that protects you every day (kind of like a cocoon?) in an enjoyable way.  Everything feels good, and also smells good.  In most cases, it looks good too.  So get ready to engage your senses and try some of these out.  The cost is small and the enjoyment I hope will be great  . . .

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