Letting Go

Yep — this is today, snow in April . . .

I remember when I bought my Highlander — I was finishing up getting my teaching credentials and launching my new career as a teacher.  Just a few years ago.

I’ve loved this car and for several years it’s been the right car for me.  But this year, the year of my “teaching sabbatical” for lack of a better term, I’ve been slimming down my expenses, and since several letters came from different Toyota dealerships that they’d buy it, I’ve considered letting go of it.

I have another car (behind it) that I haven’t been able to sell in a year.  It’s a good car too, but doesn’t get stellar mpg marks.

The Highlander entered our lives when my kids were past sippy cups and car snacks.  It’s taken us on road trips, and traveled to school with me every day.  I get attached to things, including cars.  But there’s a time to sell (or give away) and a time to hold on to things.  I think it’s time to sell.

I’ve been watching Monk lately.  Somehow I’ve missed it all these years.  Knowing how hard it is for Monk to embrace change makes it easier for me to be gentle with myself.  I’ve sat on this decision for a while, and now, it seems like the right thing.  So good bye Highlander and thanks for safely taking us where we needed to go.  I’ll miss you!

And hello to something new . . . whatever it might be. Now it doesn’t help that the battery that got jumped two days ago by AAA is dead again in the Expedition . . . oh well . . . I may be into something new sooner than I thought . . .


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