Chicks — 1 week!

Last week the chicks were “1 day” old and they were wobbly and their little wings were just downy fluff.

Now a week later, they are bigger, sturdier and their wings have started to seriously develop.

Here’s Azul, the blue cochin:

And Blondie, the white silkie . . . notice their wings look different, mainly because silkies are more furry than feathery . . .

And the black tailed white Japanese . . . she needs a name, what do you think we should call her?

She’s so comfortable in my son’s hands, she’s falling asleep.

Check out her beautiful wings already . . .

And the buff Japanese . . .  we need to think of a name for her too . . .

All these girls do is make cute little peeping sounds until I make them a mash of crumbles and water.  They have crumbles and they have water, but they’re just waiting for me to wait on them . . . time for dinner —

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