Baby Chicks!

Around January I usually start thinking of baby chicks.  Whether to get them, I mean. I decided not to this year.  Then in February I changed my mind.

In March I decided again not to get any.  But once April rolled around, I started thinking about just four . . . maybe . . . and only if they had bantams . . . and only if they had bantams that we didn’t already have . . .

But then just this morning I wasn’t sure again.  It’s just that we already have 30 chickens!

Once I walked into Murdoch’s and saw all these day old baby bantams, I couldn’t resist.

Isn’t this guy cute? (hopefully it’s a girl, but since bantams are so small, it’s hard to sex them, and they sell them as straight run, not just pullets (females) or cocks (males) ie. you take what you get . . . ).

Check out her black beak — she’s a white silkie.  The tip of her beak is white — that’s an egg tooth, just a sharp part that helps her peck her way out of the shell, and then later disappears.

Silkies don’t really have feathers, they have long silkie hair or fur.  And they are adorable big as well as small . . . check out their cute little furry legs —

This one has furry legs too . . .

This chicky is a blue cochin.  It will look big and round like a basketball.  Or actually more like a large softball with wings.  The color blue is actually a bluish gray.

Her egg tooth is still there too —

The holes in the feeder are about the size of a quarter to give you an idea of their actual size.  At 6 o’clock is the blue cochin, at 9 is the white silkie,  at 11 is the black tipped white Japanese and at 1 is the black tipped buff Japanese.

The Japanese don’t have furry legs . . .  but they are super cute too . . . I won’t be spending any more energy deciding whether to get them.  Now I’ll be spending my time raising the little darlings.  I won’t mention anything about how many times a week I’ll be changing pine litter . . . But aren’t they just adorable?


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