The Acid-Alkaline Diet — 4/11/11 — Book Nook

Did you know that the body functions best when its pH is slightly alkaline? Most specifically 7.39? According to Christopher Vasey,  the author of The Acid-Alkaline Diet (Healing Arts Press, 2006 ), the optimal zone is 7.36 – 7.42 (less than 7.36 is acidic, greater than 7.42 is alkaline).

Most people tend to be more acidic, from eating processed, starchy, sugary foods and too much or not the right kind of protein.

In my quest for better health and my optimum weight, I’m going to put a little more emphasis on alkaline foods when I’m planning my meals ( — notice I said planning — that is wishful thinking — ).

This book is very detailed with lots of explanation, most of which is easily understandable. It’s the kind of book you might want to keep on your shelf with your cookbooks to refer to as you’re planning your optimum menus . . .

I need to include more alkaline producing foods in my diet like — potatoes, veggies, and certain dairy.   I can also include weak acid producing foods like — yogurt, certain fruits, and more acidic veggies.  I should stay away from too much meat, strong cheeses, white sugar, sodas, white flour products and anything overly refined and processed.

It’s nothing new — I know these things, and have heard these recommendations before.  But this book explains WHY.  And when I know WHY, it’s usually easier for me to make better food choices.

If you’re someone who needs a little push towards a healthier diet, I highly recommend this book. Now excuse me, I’m going to go munch on some healthy veggies . . .

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