The Happiness Project

I love to buy books at Costco but lately I’ve been very very selective because I go a little book crazy and end up with more books than the time to read them. Then they sit on the shelf and years go by.  Even with my large collection I couldn’t pass up The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (Harper Collins, 2011).

I’d read about her blog project, and I’m very interested in writers who blog and write books.  Her book is about the year she spent trying to be happier, and trying to find ways to make herself happier.

She wasn’t depressed, and no major saddening crisis had happened in her life.  Still, why shouldn’t we strive for more happiness?  It puts us on a straighter course, and hopefully, a happier course. After all, between depressed and deliriously happy, there are many other states and most of them are not quite where we want to hang out . . .

Gretchen breaks the project into chapters by month, with each one having a happiness “focus”.  One focus I resonated with was saving things.  Not that saving things is bad — but having something sitting on the shelf, waiting for a time when it is needed, yet not using it . . . kind of like all the books I’ve been saving for another time, when I have the time to read them . . .

Gretchen talks about how, with thoughtful consideration, money can buy happiness.  Because we’re accustomed to hearing that money can’t buy happiness, we tend to forget how certain special things, which may cost money, do increase our happiness level.

I really recommend her book.  There’s always room for a little more happiness in a life, isn’t there?



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