Home Away From Home

I just came back from visiting my parents.  When I’m there, I love to check Eckert’s, a pick- your-own orchard farm store.  We went there last summer and picked tons of blackberries for jam.

While there’s nothing to pick right now, I like to look at the various displays of jams, seeds, foods, etc.


This time near the checkout I saw Hammond’s Candies — a Denver store. In the seed area I saw a huge display of Botanical Interests seeds– from Niwot, just north of Boulder.  Over near the honey they had Mahhava Agave Nectar, from Lyons, a bit more north of Niwot. All Colorado Companies.

Was I visiting somewhere in Colorado?  No  —  my parents and Eckert’s are in Illinois, just east of St. Louis.  Was I far from home?  Not when I’m at Eckert’s.  Now remember Eckert’s when you’re thinking of picking your own blackberries for blackberry jam.

Or if you’re from Colorado passing through Illinois and need a home away from home . . .


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