Greens! Greens!

I’m in the mood for greens. I’ve been on vacation the last week or so, and in the meantime, my hoop house has come to life!  For some of you, my greens may be behind the times, but in the foothills of the Rockies our growing season is late and short.  Not with a hoophouse, though!

I’m going to make a green salad with what I think is a dandelion variety. But maybe it’s really a romaine variety or maybe it’s chicory . . . see what happens when you forget to mark seeds that you plant 5 months ago?  Maybe one of my gardening readers can identify them . . .

Here’s my spinach:

And romaine (the freckle type) and dandelion/romaine/chicory/mystery green:

And my curly lettuce (with some grass that needs to be weeded out):

I’ll be putting some herbs in soon.  Just hope the chickens stay out of the garden . . .

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