Grapefruit Sugar Scrub

Did you know those skin peels at the dermatologist have AHAs in them? Also commonly known as alpha hydroxy acids? AHAs help exfoliate skin, build up deeper layers of skin and smooth the texture of the outer layer of skin.

In this scrub we’ll combine two kinds of AHA’s: glycolic acid comes from sugar cane and citric acid comes from citrus fruit. You can make this with your favorite citrus or combination of citrus. Grapefruit and oranges will contain a little less citric acid than lemons or limes and will make a milder scrub.

Step 1 — Zest a grapefruit and keep 2 teaspoons of zest in a bowl. Then squeeze 1/2 a grapefruit and add 2 tablespoons of juice to the zest.

Step 2 — Stir in 1 cup sugar and 4 tablespoons oil (canola is nice and light and in your cupboard?). You can add 6-10 drops of grapefruit or other citrus oil if you want (for more potent fragrance) and/or 1 teaspoon glycerin (attracts and holds water to moisturize), but the simpler version is great on it’s own.

Step 3 — Spoon half of the mixture into a plastic bowl for the shower.  Save the other half in the refrigerator or give to a friend.  Slather on in shower, inhale, and rinse off. Hmmmm . . . it tastes good too, but feed it to your skin.

Try scrubs once or twice a week.  Everyday would be too much, but everyone is different . . .  If you want you can use a pretty shell to scoop out the scrub.

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