Vanilla Cherry Ice Cream

I use to think that the mark of a good cook was to use lots and lots of ingredients and spend an incredibly long time mixing, cooking and just generally concocting.

Then I had kids.

No, really — then I became wise.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Cherry Agave Jam.  It sounds really elegant, doesn’t it?  It sounds super sophisticated, doesn’t it?  And yet it’s really simple, isn’t it?

Let’s not overlook the fact that I cooked the jam from scratch and that took some time.  So dessert can take a minute to prepare and still be the mark of a good cook . . .

Or in some cases, dinner can be really simple, if you happen to be eating cherry ice cream for dinner . . . (don’t tell my kids!)

Step One — spoon ice cream into bowl.

Step Two — spoon jam over top.

Step Three — mix and eat!

Now if that’s just too simple for you, I’ll be posting a simple homemade vanilla bean ice cream recipe soon . . . Oooh . . . how would fresh marmalade taste with raspberry sorbet? Huh? Or coffee ice cream with blueberry jam?  You could call it coffeeberry . . . Lime sorbet with apricot jam . . . No wait — espresso ice cream with ginger jam . . .

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