Hidden Messages in Water

The Hidden Messages in Water by Masura Emoto (Beyond Words Publishing, 2004) is a fascinating book! Emoto and his assistant took photographs of the crystals formed by water.  They examined water from various natural sources as well as tap water.  The crystals (crystals look like snowflakes) formed from natural water are beautiful, while those from chlorinated sources look deformed.

They also photographed crystals that were in the midst of classical music versus heavy metal music.  The water in the presence of the classical music formed beautiful crystals as well, while the water exposed to heavy metal look . . . well . . . heavy metallish.  Just use your imagination. . .

What kind of crystals do you think were formed by loving words, versus angry and mean words?  (I sense a sixth grade kindness lesson brewing here . . .)

The photos are beautiful, the commentary is interesting, and while your own conclusions may differ from Emoto’s in part, he makes a interesting case for improving what we’re putting into our bodies on a daily basis.

Everything is energy, and energy is affected by other energy, so to improve the quality of your life — whether your surroundings, your friendships or what you put into your body — why not strive to expose yourself to the best types of energy?

Emoto writes of an experiment that was conducted by a family where rice was put into two jars.  Every day for a month, the family said “thank you” to the rice in one jar.  For the other jar, the family said “you fool”.

After a month, the rice in the “thank you” jar started to ferment nicely, while the rice in the “you fool” jar turned black and rotted.

Perhaps one of the jars was invaded by bacteria or something.  Perhaps.  But then hundreds of Japanese families duplicated the experiment.  Their results were the same  . . .

I know people who swear that their food tastes better if they hold their hands over it for a few minutes and send love down.

I know other people who think their water tastes better, even if taken from the tap, if they set it next to  an angel statue.

It’s all reason to consider how you interact with your world, and how your world interacts with you . . .

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