To Bee or not To Bee

It’s only February — and I haven’t yet forgotten one of my resolutions — to engage myself in life and learning new things. So .  .  . I’ll be learning all about bees tomorrow.

I can’t take credit for adding the extra e to the be’s in the title above.  It’s the name of a new shop in Denver selling bee supplies, new and used, where my class will be held.

I haven’t always been a fan of  the honey bee.  My older sister once put a “sleeping bee” into my hand when I was very young.  It promptly stung me. I remember I did nothing but hold out my warm and friendly hand to keep it from falling to the ground. I still can’t believe it stung me!

Did you know that bees are docile in general, and they don’t attack unless their home and honey is under siege?  Maybe I should give them a second chance.

We depend on them to help fertilize our crops, whether small gardens or large production farms. Having one hive near the garden magically increases plant production because of the fertilization bees provide.

My friends have bees, and I love to use beeswax and honey in my skin care products.  I’ve also started experimenting with honey in canning, and in allergy control.

Recently I heard that my grandfather kept bees . . .

Maybe I’ll find that keeping bees is not worth the effort for me.  After all — all those chickens . . .

Or maybe I’ll find a fascinating new hobby.

To be a beekeeper, or not to be, that is the question . . .

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