Pioneer Woman at the Tattered Cover

I’m taking today off because the Pioneer Woman is going to be at the Tattered Cover tomorrow.  Yep — she’ll be signing books . . . she’s on her book tour . . . and I almost just missed it because I had no idea she’d be stopping in Denver.

That’s why I’m taking today off from posting, and also because I taught Social Studies to 140 sixth graders today.  Or close to that.  And they were studying the Aztec and Mayans and Incas and did you know about all those human sacrifices?  I’ve always tried to ignore that part of our history, but you can’t do that in Social Studies.  So I need a vacation, because it’s really kind of gruesome to think about . . .

I’m feeling very lucky to have checked PW’s book signing schedule at the bottom left hand corner of her blog. You better check it too, because she might be coming to your city soon!  And you’d hate to miss her!

So thanks, Pioneer Woman, for putting Denver on your tour!  I’m bringing my 12 year old blogging daughter to see her too!  She’s an inspiration!  (My daughter, but Pioneer Woman is too . . .)

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