Handmade Marketplace

I picked up Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin (Storey, 2010) at Michael’s the other day.  It’s a very up-to-date book that’s encouraging and packed full of information to help you along the way, selling your crafts.

Chapin discusses branding and the basics of business, covering topics like logos and pricing your work.

She has chapters on marketing, blogging and other social media ideas to get the word out about your work.

There are chapters about craft fairs, online selling, and other creative selling opportunities including teaching courses.

Her advice is reasonable, understandable and encouraging.  I especially appreciate her info about social media — something that I don’t really understand at times (it took me quite a while to understand how a fax machine works, though, 100 years ago . . . and I hate to admit it, but I tried to add a friend to Facebook last night, and I couldn’t figure it out — I know, sad . . .).

I also appreciate how she pulls in examples from other crafters who we can visit online . . .

It’s a wonderful book, and it came at the best time — as I’m starting Luvabee!

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