Addicted to Soap Making

When I was teaching health class to seventh graders, we studied addiction and smoking.  And to emphasize the point, I handed out one potato chip to each student and asked them to wait.

A few moments later, I told them they could eat it.  Then I asked who wanted another one. Everyone raised their hands. I paused for a moment, just long enough for someone to say, “Oh . . .I get it”.

I do love potato chips, and I can’t eat just one.  I guess you’d consider it an addiction.

It’s the same with soap making.  My first batch was on Saturday. I made another on Sunday, and another yesterday.  Thank goodness I’m out of coconut oil or I’d be whipping up another batch right now . . .

Here they are:

The penuche looking one is made with beeswax, honey and orange oil.  There are no colorants, and I imagine the honey, beeswax or orange oil is responsible for the lovely color.

The blue one was named Avatar by my son.  I guess I overdid the powdered dye a bit. It lathers up with just a faint blue, but when it sits and drips, the drips are a slightly darker blue. Not great for the tub . . . I love the top — I meant to make it like the ocean, so there are waves with silver sprinkles to represent foam . . .

The last one is minty and my first experiment with swirling colors.  I need to swirl more.  The top is loftier than the other two, since I whipped the topping the longest.  I didn’t even think to put any sprinkles on top.  The base recipe is the same as the other two, but it didn’t brown like the honey loaf.

Unfortunately, three wasn’t enough.  I’m already planning a fourth.  I guess you could say I’m addicted . . .

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