Fresh Blueberry Pie

I first had this pie in Maine, in a tiny cafe as we drove up the eastern coast to cross into Canada near the Bay of Fundy.  And of course, since it’s very cold, I’m thinking of Maine which is also cold, but in the summer it’s warm, and they have very nice fresh wild blueberries. . .

We were so hungry after all that driving and not expending any energy, and the fresh blueberry pie was spectacular!  It was made from fresh blueberries folded in with a light blueberry jam (like a pie filling) and whipped cream.  It was only lightly mixed, and then poured into a cool prebaked pie shell.  I remember it was served at room temp or just a bit chilled.

Since I made blueberry jam yesterday, I have part of this pie already done.

The first step is to prebake a pie crust.

Next, wash and drain 2 – 3 cups of fresh blueberries.  Then make the blueberry jam.  Add 2 cups of jam with the blueberries in the same mixing bowl.  Make sure the jam is cool when you add it to the blueberries.  Make sure your daughter doesn’t snarf the blueberries and eat them with your cream while you’re skyping your sister in North Carolina, or else your pie will be less populated with blueberries than you intended . . .

Add 1 tablespoon sugar to a mixing bowl.

Pour in 1 cup of heavy cream.  Beat on high with a wire whisk until peaks form.

Stir blueberries together.

Then fold in whipped cream.

Mix well until whipped cream has turned purple.

Pour all into the prebaked pie shell.  Instant pie!  Fresh pie!  Yummy pie!   Even during a deep freeze.

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