The Belly Fat Cure

Yesterday, when it was 100 degrees, my kids and I went to Water World to cool off.  I saw lots and lots of bellies, and most of them were plump.  I’ve been exercising and watching what I eat, but I could stand to lose a few through my midriff.  My concern with plump bellies is because belly fat is linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, not to mention detrimental to aging and the immune system.

In The Belly Fat Cure (Jorge Cruise, 2009, Hay House), Jorge explains how originally our bodies consumed about 15 grams of sugars (including simple carbohydrates) a day.  Now the average consumption is 189 grams!!!!!!!!!!  When we eat sugar, the hormone insulin gets released and becomes elevated in the blood.  Jorge talks about how insulin’s job is to see to it that fat is deposited to the belly and locked in.  The more sugar, the more insulin, and the more fat is locked in. But when the insulin levels stay low, fat is released and utilized by the body as needed.

Jorge recommends a daily proportion of 15 grams of sugar distributed through 6 servings of carbohydrates (complex is the goal, because complex carbohydrates have fiber, which is what the belly needs to lose “false” belly fat, or the pounds hanging out in the intestines. Think of the intestines as a water ride, and you as the food.  Then fiber is the water.  If there is no water, you get stuck on the water ride.)

A big portion of his book is do over meals where he takes a meal (often those that you eat out) that is high in sugar/simple carbs and exchanges ingredients to create a very similar meal that fits his 15 g sugar/6 carb servings daily ratio.  His food list with portion sizes and sugar/carbs in grams is very helpful.   He also talks about different sugars and studies on the relationship between sugar and weight.

I like the way he explains how sugar and insulin affect fat development.  It makes sense.  Think I’ll try it!

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