Thank You

Before I started blogging last summer I checked out a few websites.  I was always afraid to leave a comment.  I guess I didn’t really know where that comment would go or what would be the fallout — would I be put on a mailing list and get lots of spam?  Would I crush someone’s feelings and inherit years of bad karma?  Or did it just not matter to the blog owner if I commented at all, so why make the effort?

I’ve learned that bloggers appreciate thoughtful comments and that there is no negative fallout from the commenting process.

I’ve been blogging for 7 months and lots of people read my blog on a daily basis, but it seems like everyone is afraid to comment.  Please comment!  Please tell me about yourself, or just start a conversation.  I’m trying to build a community of sharing.

Take a step forward, and let me know what you like about the blog. Or just say anything at all . . . what your favorite color is, what your New Year’s Resolution is (it’s still January!), how long since you last ate a Twinkie — something random.

I will randomly select a random comment by Thursday at midnight, and send the lucky random person this lovely Willow Tree Angel bearing the “thank you” sign.

Thank you.  I appreciate you my readers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to Alex and Deb & Deborah– winners of the angels.  Thanks for commenting . . .

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