This came straight from the dictionary for the word ditto:

1. the aforesaid, the above, the same

2. another of the same

3. a duplicate, copy

Right now the word ditto is making me sad.  A friend suggested I check out the site called etsy.  So I did. What a cool place!  Unfortunately, I was curious to see if anyone was in love with lotion bars like I am right now.

And there I saw it — the same bee mold I had carefully picked out for my product, filled with lotion bar, wrapped nicely and placed in a metal tin — except that it wasn’t mine.  Great minds think alike?  Even so I’m bummed because I felt so creative before, and now I don’t.

Perhaps there are only so many ideas floating around in the world and so many minds eager and receptive to those ideas, that there are duplicates all over the place — dittos —

I’m sure the ingredients are different, the labels are different, the exact way they are wrapped is different, but still I am disheartened.

Did you know that the invention of the telephone was credited to Alexander Graham Bell, but over ten years earlier another man, Johann Philipp Reis spoke in the telephone that he invented.  Nobody took Johann’s device seriously.

A couple years later, Innocenzo Manzetti invented a telephone.  Another inventor of the time, Antonio Meucci read of Manzetti’s telephone and wrote of the similarly between their inventions that “two thoughts could be found to contain the same discovery”.

On the day that Alexander Graham Bell brought his patent application to the patent office, Elisha Gray was doing the same with his “telephone”.  But Elisha Gray’s was received a few hours after Bell’s and was disallowed.  Meucci would have also taken his application for his “telephone” to the patent office, but he couldn’t afford the fee.

Great minds do think alike . . . .

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